National Health Observances (NHO)

The Office of Population Affairs observes designated days, weeks, and months, each connected to a reproductive health, adolescent health, or related preventive health theme or topic. Through these observances, OPA promotes awareness of reproductive and adolescent health issues and family planning practices. National health Observance days are a great way to engage the community. Here are some ways that our communities engaged in NHOs.

Other Ways to Engage

Consider Public Value - What evidence do you have that what you are doing is worth sustaining?

  • How are you impacting the community and its members?
  • What results are valued by the community?
  • What results are valued by leaders?

Consider the Authorizing Environment - What institutional supports, structures, and/or policies need to be in place to achieve sustainability?

  • What currently exists to support your initiative?
  • What could be strengthened to ensure sustainability?
  • What is blocking or obstructing your efforts?

Consider Operational Capacity - What capacity is necessary to sustain this effort and where will that capacity come from?