Wayne County SPF-PFS Community Overview

Wayne Coalition/Group Name: OneEighty, Inc. Contact Name: Trish Staiger, Catherine Gabe
Priority Substance: Underage Drinking Phone: 330-264-8498
Priority Population: Youth in Grades 8-10 in Wayne County Email: staigert@one-eighty.org, gabec@one-eighty.org

Video: Wayne County Strategic Plan

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Wayne County Strategic Plan

Video: Wayne County SPF-PFS Overview

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Wayne County Overview


Video: Wayne County Interview

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Wayne County Interview

Video: Wayne County NA Engaging Our Coalitions

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Wayne County NA Engaging Our Coalitions




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Wayne County Strategic Plan Overview

Wayne CountyA new coalition was funded 11/1/2016. The initial project director left the position in 8/2017 and another staff member in the organization took on the PD role. Coalition selected a priority substance and population based on a review of community-level data. Coalition collected required Community Outcomes for FFY17, FFY18, and FFY19 using an existing instrument developed by the community. A community readiness assessment was completed using the Tri-Ethnic Model of Community Readiness. The sub-recipient completed listening sessions in order to identify local conditions that impact their intervening variables. The sub-recipient’s strategic plan and media campaign was approved by the Evidence-Based Practices Workgroup. The coalition implemented a media campaign, community-based process and created a problem identification and referral plan. Sub-recipient completed a process evaluation and a sustainability plan.