Seneca County SPF-PFS Community Overview

Coalition/Group Name: MHRB of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties Contact Name: Charla VanOsdol
Priority Substance: Prescription Drug Misuse Phone: 419-448-9440
Priority Population: Youth in Grades 9-12 in Seneca County Email:

Video: Seneca County SPF-PFS Overview

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Video: Seneca County NA CRA

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Problem of Practice (PoP):

Community Readiness Assessment (CRA):

  • CRA Report
  • Approach to Increasing CR (coming soon)

Community Needs Assessment:

  • Assessing Intervening Variables Oct 2017 (coming soon)
  • Assessing Local Conditions Nov 2017 (coming soon)


Prioritization Process (coming soon)

Logic Model (coming soon)

Strategic Plan (coming soon)


Sustainability Plan (coming soon)


Evaluation Plan (coming soon)