CRA (Community Readiness Assessment)

Community Readiness Assessment (CRA)

PFS ImageDuring SFY17, seven Ohio communities received funding to engage in an intensive learning community on community readiness.  Participating communities used the Tri-Ethnic Community Readiness Model (TE-CRM) to conduct a community readiness assessment on an important issue in their community. As part of this mini-grant project, communities learned about community readiness, identified a problem of practice using available data, conducted and scored a community readiness assessment with key informants in their communities, and developed a report synthesizing the findings and their implications.

A key innovation of this mini-grant project was that funding was braided across the OhioMHAS Office of Prevention and Bureau of Problem Gambling.  Four communities were funded as part of Ohio’s Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnerships for Success (SPF-PFS) Initiative. These communities chose either underage drinking or prescription drug misuse as their problem of practice. Three communities were funded by the OhioMHAS Bureau of Problem Gambling and focused on some aspect of problem gambling as their problem of practice.  Although the seven participating communities had different funding sources and problems of practice, they worked closely together throughout the learning community.

This mini-grant project, which was developed and implemented in partnership with Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, the Ohio Coaching and Mentoring Network, and the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio.Funding for the mini-grant project was provided by  the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services as part of the Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success (SPF-PFS) Evaluation (Grant #1700504) and the Ohio Problem Gambling CQI Project (Grant#1700555). In state fiscal year 2018, Carroll County moved from being a mini-grant to full subrecipient status.