SPF-PFS OCAM Trainings

SPF-PFS OCAM Trainings

OCAM Training

Ohio Coaches and Mentoring Network (OCAM Network) provides training, technical assistance, and mentoring in alignment with Ohio’s SPF-PFS priorities. The network is comprised of coaches, all of whom have been appointed under the auspices of the SPF-PFS Leadership Team. OCAMNetwork members are selected for their competence and ability to add substance to the Network’s deliberations and work. The primary function of the OCAM Network is to strengthen the capacity and competence in evidence-based prevention within rural and Appalachian communities. In addition to large group learning events, each community is assigned a local coach for one-on-one technical assistance.

Through the SPF-PFS grant, OCAM is able to provide training and technical assistance to select rural and Appalachian counties at no cost to the community. For non-SPF-PFS subrecipients interested in obtaining training, they may participate in one of the training opportunities listed on the training menu.

Non-SPF-PFS subrecipients may request a training, however, there will be a fee associated. To request a training in your community, please contact Derek Longmeier at Derek.OCAM@gmail.com or 614.750.9899.

RLC Training Dates

Objectives include: assistance reaching credentialing goals, networking with other prevention professionals, mobilizing community partnerships and continuing education opportunities.

Grant Writing Training